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  • Selecting Outsourcing Vendors

    SPICE is the metholodology I have developed alongside some of the leading minds in the industry to strategise, procurement, implement, manage and improve outsourced operations. SPICE is an acronym for "S" - Strategy, "P" - Procurement "I" - Imlementation, "C" - Control & Innovate and "E" - Exit.  It is the lifecycle for managing outsourcing contracts.  .

  • Rob O'Malley

    I am the founder of call-centres.com with over 23 years of helping organisations to improve the quality of their outsourcing. I was the first person in The UK to gain a Masters Degree specialiaing in outsourcing. I am a published author, a regular speak on contact centres and contributor to publications around the world.

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audits of outsourced partners

The assessment of a supplier's services is an on-going process as part of the control process of outsourcing management which in conducted in conjunction with and in addition to the joint governance model.  In contrast, an audit is typically a periodic sign-off of pre-determined criteria.  This is either conducted internally (by someone outside of the vendor management team such) or by an external consultant like myself.  The specific contents of the audit vary from contract to contract but will typically involve the audit of the following aspects; operational, training, recruitment, reporting, planning, environment, risk and financial.  After the audit, a report is produced within an agreed timeframe and the report is presented to internal stakeholders and the supplier's representatives (sometimes it is presented to one of these before the other depending on the nature of the relationship management).  Suppliers should then be offered the chance to challenge all or any of the findings of the audit.  The report may be amended as a result of any of these challenges if appropriate.  The supplier will then be expected to produce an action plan to rectify any of the negative findings but more extreme measures may be taken by the client if necessary.  Of course, the audit should also acknowledge the positive aspects of the contract.  Suppliers are expected to be (and almost always are) very supportive of the audit process. 

The audits I conduct are different as they also examine potential future shortcomings in addition to the current scenario.  I also advise that an audit does not just examine the supplier but also examines the clients management.  My audits are particularly effective as I have unrivalled experience in conducting them and have been an entire model to find out the truth in any contract.  Due to commercial considerations, the specific content and methodology of the audit is not shared on this site.  The audit itself can take anywhere from 1 day to 4 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the contract plus the time involved with producing the audit report and any follow-up actions.