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  • Selecting Outsourcing Vendors

    SPICE is the metholodology I have developed alongside some of the leading minds in the industry to strategise, procurement, implement, manage and improve outsourced operations. SPICE is an acronym for "S" - Strategy, "P" - Procurement "I" - Imlementation, "C" - Control & Innovate and "E" - Exit.  It is the lifecycle for managing outsourcing contracts.  .

  • Rob O'Malley

    I am the founder of call-centres.com with over 23 years of helping organisations to improve the quality of their outsourcing. I was the first person in The UK to gain a Masters Degree specialiaing in outsourcing. I am a published author, a regular speak on contact centres and contributor to publications around the world.

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Implementing call centre projects

Setting up a new supplier to run your call centre can seem like a daunting process especially when it is happening at the same time as the exit from your current provider.

The implementation will typically involve the setting up of processes, training staff and the technology set up.  The majority of the implemenation is the responsibility of the supplier but the client will oversee the supplier's project plan in addition to conducting their own activities.  The client will also be required to provide significant volumes of staff to support the implementation such as IT staff for systems set-up and trainers to develop staff on product knowledge, systems and processes.

My role in such projects is normally as a project manager or as a support to the internal project manager.  I bring the standard "SPICE" templates which are tailored to the specific project to ensure that everything is covered.

Early planning is required as the implementation period is typically very intensive on resources.