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    SPICE is the metholodology I have developed alongside some of the leading minds in the industry to strategise, procurement, implement, manage and improve outsourced operations. SPICE is an acronym for "S" - Strategy, "P" - Procurement "I" - Imlementation, "C" - Control & Innovate and "E" - Exit.  It is the lifecycle for managing outsourcing contracts.  .

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My name is Rob O'Malley.  I've been in the call centre outsourcing industry since 1993.  I initially joined the Operations Department at a company called Merit Direct (now SITEL).  At the time, Merit Direct was the largest call centre provider in The UK (although we didn't use the term call centre back then).  After spells with other outsourced vendors Teleperformance and Inkfish, I moved to Manila as a consultant for the industry which was very much in its infancy stage.  After periods in India, The Czech Republic and Romania, I finally moved back to The UK in 2007.  In addition to my day job, I've written 2 books; one about telemarketing and one about the call centre industry in The Philippines. 

I'm a passionate believer in education and have constantly strived to expand my knowledge and to learn from others.  I have 2 degrees including a Masters Degree in Business Management where I was the first person in The UK to have a masters degree specialising in outsourcing.  I also have the GSA Diploma in Strategic Outsourcing and I'm both a 6-sigma greenbelt and Prince 2 pracitioner. 

You may well have seen me speak at conferences as I've been lucky enough to present my ideas across Europe, Asia and The United States.  You may also have read some of my articles as I've been published in a whole host of industry publications plus The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and on the BBC website.  I even helped The BBC to produce a programme about the call centre industry in The Philippines.

I've been lucky enough to work with some great companies both large and small.  I've worked for The Money Advice Service, Volkswagen, London General Insurance and BT to name but a few.  I've also worked with some fantastic outsourced providers.

Outside of work, I'm a passionate sports fan including my beloved Coventry CIty Football Club, all forms of cycling and the England football and cricket teams.  I'm 44 and live in Warwickshire with my wife, Angela and my son, Alfie who is 8.